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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> we won because we harnessed the energy and the excitement. >> bernie sanders, the new hampshire primary has a very different result than iowa. tonight, where the presidential campaign goes from here. good evening. >> we'll get to the election results in just a moment but we begin with the snow showers lingering tonight. take a look. slick sidewalks in westchester this evening. one man was sprinkling ice melt. >> you might have heard the saying of not rain or snow or gloom of night and the mail carrier living up to the motto making the round in this snow. >> it's not snow but flooding causing problems at the jersey shore. bay water on to streets in atlantic city after another high tide tonight. the water left some drivers stranded. let's bring in sheena parveen.
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what should we expect for the morning commute. >> drier than today and lingering showers. here's the radar. a lot of snow showers have really come to an end and a few areas seeing them through atlantic county, the expressway, burlington county. seeing very light snow showers. this extends up into parts of trenton and parts of lower bucks county right around newtown and watching this move out of the area and then go into tomorrow and we could see a few lingering snow showers for the morning commute. temperature-wise, we are below freezing north and west and we could see icy spots on untreated surfaced. as you head outside tomorrow morning by around the time to hit the road, there is a chance to see some snow showers. if we did, closer to 7:00 a.m. by 9:00 a.m., 32 degrees and by 11:00, 35, cold and numbers are coming up.
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now to decision 2016, the results are in for the new hampshire primary. tonight was a big loss for the so-called political establishment. >> republican donald trump and democrat bernie sanders were declared the winners shortly after the polls closed. here's a closer look at the numbers on the republican side. trump has 35% of support right now followed by john kasich at 16% while ted cruz and jeb bush are battling it out for third place. new jersey governor chris christie had a disappointing finish in sixth place. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders has 60% of the vote right now while hillary clinton has 39%. george spencer live in man chest we are the latest on the political shake-up. george? >> reporter: yeah, jim, the big winners were decided quickly tonight but tonight's results likely mean almost as much for the republican runner-up john kasich in decisive second place
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and it was a stinging defeat for the democratic front-runner hillary clinton. at donald trump's primary night party in manchester, an ebb lent crowd as the candidate did what he needed to do. strong poll numbers into a resounding win. >> new hampshire, i want to thank you. we love you. we're going to be back a lot. we are not going to forget you. you started it. remember. you started it. >> reporter: the night's other big winner, bernie sanders for the democrats. the vermont senator with his focus on economic equality taking a decisive win over the national democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: in her concession speech, clinton took a note of
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sanders' play book emphasizing wall street and campaign finance reform and promising to work harder than anyone to improve americans' lives. >> here's what we do. now we take the campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. >> message about the economy, message about we want to shake things up. the message is about an outsider. >> reporter: lee, director of the marrist foundation for public opinion said both winners trump and sanders are similar in their outsider economic focused messages though the messages move in sharply different directions and hi says new jersey governor christie is likely among the night's biggest losers after investing so much here with little result. in contrast, this was clearly the best night of the campaign for governor kasich who it's
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said got emotional reflecting and the results do not bring a lot of clarity aside from highlighting trump as the front-runner. reporting live in manchester, new hampshire, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> all right, george. as for governor christie, declined to answer a question about continuing the campaign. either way, there was no farewell here. we leave new hampshire tonight without an ounce of regret. >> christie said they're going home tomorrow instead of south carolina taking a deep breath and decide the next steps based on tonight's results. so here's a look at the latest delegate count. on the gop side, 1,236 to win. donald trump and then ted cruz and marco rubio. >> democratic primary winner bernie sanders blew off steam waiting for the results to come in. cameras caught the senator
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shooting hoops with his grandchildren earlier tonight. sanders showed off a consistent bank shot of six feet from the bas ketd. here's where the delegate count stands. you need 2,383 to win. hillary clinton with 44, bernie sanders 35. the assault grace against mccoy is now in the hands of the philadelphia district attorney. tonight tmz sports ro vided us this video of a fight allegedly with the former eagles runsback. two off duty phillies police officers were injured in the brawl. the lawyer says it was unprovoked. espn is reporting mccoy hired john mcmann to handle the case. mccoy is yet to be charged or arrested. the zika virus is in our area. two cases in pennsylvania, one in dell care. randy gyllenhaal is live at the airport. we don't know where they lived
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but they caught the virus overseas. >> reporter: right. and officials will only say that they traveled to a country that was affected by the outbreak. not which one. but all three women did arrive back in our area, pennsylvania and delaware, carrying the virus. it's warning for anybody planning a trip to mexico, central america or the caribbean. at philly international, ashley's back from vacation in cancun. she's also 13 weeks pregnant so she studied up on the zika virus which can cause birth defects in newbo newborn. >> i was worried but we couldn't cancel last minute. >> ashley's doctor recommended avoiding lots of repellant. >> we bought it down there. just made sure we lathered up. >> reporter: health officials in pennsylvania and dell care
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confirm three women traveling overseas came back with the zika virus. >> following all of the cdc guide loins of what they're recommending. >> reporter: in a conference call tonight, officials said there's no risk to the public since zika almost always spread by mos cotoys and far too cold for them. >> tough have the right type of mosquito and i don't believe you have the main mosquito that is spreading this disease predominant. >> reporter: the doctor says it's theoretically possible the local mosquitos spread once it's warm. >> it's unlikely to spread to any significant degree in the u.s. >> reporter: infectious disease specialists did tell me he expects all 50 states to eventually see the virus. meantime, health officials say they'll keep monitoring it into the spring with more mosquitos in the air and pregnant women urged to reconsider travel to
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the affected areas. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. a medalist said it could keep her from going to the rio games. she is having second thoughts. she said that if the games started today, she wouldn't be going. u.s. women's goalkeeper is first high profile player to comment on the zika at the summer games. tonight, a south jersey high school softball coach accused of having sex with a former student. the coach is also a substitute teacher there. investigators say in 2008, lite had a month-long sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl on the team. new at 11:00, officials in camden say a deadly shooting of police last july was legally justified. >> i'm going to come out to the
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cops. like i said. whatever. i'm going do go in the in a shootout. whatever. >> that was the 911 recording from the victim moments before he was killed. and independent investigation confirmed police accounts that the suspect refused orders to drop his weapon as he approached them. and that police were forced to fire upon the suspect to prevent him from harming anyone. pennsylvania lawmakers say they have reasonable cause to remove attorney general kane from her job. we'll find out tomorrow just how reasonable that cause is. that's what a vote is scheduled on whether to oust her. 33 votes are needed for removal. she's facing criminal charges of leaking secret grand jury material and lying about it. a ticking time bomb, that's what the governor called pennsylvania's financial situation today. he delivered a new $33.3 billion budget proposal to the legislature in harrisburg. this as they continue to fight over the current budget. it's now more than seven months overdue.
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the governor had some tough words for republicans who booed during his speech. >> they went home for the holidays without holding that final vote. they still have not held that final vote. >> republicans called the governor's speech divisive and politically motivated. tonight we have learned a body inside a car in the river belonged to the car's 93-year-old owner. officers say harry was last seen leaving the home last thursday in pottstown. police found it in pottstown and still trying to figure out how it got in the water. just closed the ramp. we go back to -- hold on a minute. >> you just saw a general passing out at the pentagon. the health scare in the middle of a news conference.
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where mosquitos grow big as airplanes. >> also how philadelphia's mayor is using bruce springsteen to give city schools a helping hand. snow showers tonight are pretty much tapering off. coming up, where they're heading, what you can expect for the morning and very cold air coming in this week. that's coming up.
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[ bleep ]. videos of local high school students duking it out in the hallways leads to action tonight. last week, several videos like this one surfacing online with #avenuington fight week. the videos were the focus of the meeting. board members say several students disciplined and could face expulsion. the board says patrols continue to be stepped up across the school district. a convicted murderer waonce
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the focus of "serial" will find out if he gets a new chance at freedom. the lawyers say they proved the case for a new trial. now, it's in the judge's hands. a baltimore jury convicted him in the 1999 strangulation of his high school ex-girlfriend but the recent serial podcast raised questions of a key alibi witness never called to the stand. a set back to president obama's efforts to stop climate change. the supreme court has blocked the obama administration's plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. the plan criticized by republicans calling it unlawful. appeal arguments are set for june 2. during a press briefing, take a look at what happened. >> so we just closed the ramp. we actually go back to -- hold on a minute. >> that's major general james martin jr. he was talking about the air force budget before fainting
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right there at the podium. as you can see, he came to right there but still appeared to be out of it. he was then helped to a chair. word came later he was suffering from the flu and is expected to be okay. back here at home, love park about to get a facelift. groundbreaking set for tomorrow on a $16.5 million redesign of the iconic center city destination. the mayor takes part in the ceremony. the park and welcome center expected to be opened to the public in 2017. to the weather now and the flakes still lingering around. this is the scene outside of our station about an hour ago. >> nbc 10's keith jones live in westchester tonight. keith, show us when's going on where you are. >> reporter: it stopped snowing the couple of hours ago. the sidewalks are pretty clear. you can see the remnants where it fell. the untreated roads, the concern. ice could be the concern and you
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see ponding water and that's what crews are working on. heavy snow falls on market street. brooms sweep it from sidewalks. salt keeps them dry. here in westchester, it's the norm these days. christin and her puppy are thankful. >> i commute. it's dangerous. salt trucks out for two days now. >> reporter: earlier today, route 3 a large truck jackknifed. we didn't know what it was at first. turns out this piece of machinery makes wind shields for cars an it's huge. how huge? 134 feet long and 125,000 pounds. what happened? i asked the driver fred. >> just the big -- not going to make the turn. and the old -- yeah. we know that. >> reporter: too big for the road. now he's stranded in the salt. not everyone is thanks in part to david salting roads.
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have the roads been bad? >> very bad. very bad. >> reporter: a lot of ice throughout? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and that is a fear tonight. back live out here in westchester. speaking of that truck driver who's stranded out here, stranded until 1:00 a.m. where when a police escort will come out and get him become on the route. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> long day for him, keith. long night, too. >> it will be. let's check in with sheena parveen for the latest of this evening. sheena? >> yes. because right now we have lingers snow showers and moving out like keith told you we will have icy spots overnight through part of the area and the snow showers pretty much coming to an end and then we'll have the areas like chester county, de delaware county, untreated surfaces from any snow that fell today so be careful going into early tomorrow morning. otherwise we are looking ahead to a bitter cold weekend. we are talking about single
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digit temperatures. i'll show you that in a second. we are looking at below freezing numbers in redding. 30 pottstown. 29 doylestown. so we could already be seeing icing areas north and west. 34 dover. 32 in wilmington and many areas dry now. here's the radar. mostly dry and the snow should recalls that we're still watching mostly in parts of atlantic county and parts of burlington county. very scattered. extremely light at this point. trenton very light snow now and moving out. we can't rule out showers for the early morning commute and moisture off to the west. not much, though. i think we are almost completely done with this system. snowfall amounts of today, gilber gilbertsville, pennsylvania, 5.5 inches. florence, new jersey, little over 1 inch. philadelphia international only half an inch of snow. so it's not a big storm but we
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did see a good amount of snow in some parts of the area today. overnight, a lot of know coming to an end. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, can't rule out lingering snow showers. temperatures will be below freezing. be careful out there. tomorrow afternoon, we are dry and then we go into thursday. and we're still for the most part dry. gets colder and windy and a chance some small lake-effect snow showers trying to blow in on thursday. take a look at this. we go into the weekend. arctic air. weekend forecast. morning lows in the single digits. frigid winds saturday and sunday. afternoon highs in the teens. really cold this weekend. tonight, though, snow tapering off. tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun and windy highs, right around 40 degrees. and then we go thursday right around 30 degrees, same thing friday into the weekend. single digit morning lows, afternoon highs in the teens and the wind it feels colder.
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morning windchills below 0 degrees. thousands wrapping up mardi gras in new orleans tonight. it's fat tuesday, the final night of partying before ash wednesday at midnight and police clear bourbon street. sports is next.
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i'm john clark. the flyers off two tough close
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losses this weekend against division rivals. came out flat tonight against the ducks. before the game, flyers honoring 50 years to the day since philly awarded a hockey team. first period, already 1-0 ducks. beats steve mason. the second of the game right here. 2-0 ducks. and then in the second ducks awarded a penalty shot. chris stewart makes it 3-0. third player. wayne simmonds, how about seven goals in the last eight games? flyers within 2. now on the power play. but all they do is get frustration. flyers lose 4-1. lost three in a row and the flyers 6 points back in the playoff race now. >> we lost the game in the first period. obviously we battled back. try to catch up but when you play catch up hockey it's hard. >> you have to get up for the games. most important stretch of the season right now and we are kind
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of coming up pretty limp right now. >> coming up limp. college hoops. villanueva as the first team as number 1. hosting depaul here. final moments of the first half. off the turnover. josh hart, the shot blocked but bridges is there. beats the buzzer. nova up by 12 at the half. second half. hart from downtown. 3 ball there. and then daniel back from that concussion. finds chris jenkins. knocks down a 3. villanueva all over depaul, 86-59. the cats are 21-3. take a look. north carolina's coach roy williams right here collapsed during their game tonight. got dizzy. they say he is doing okay. eagles, birds close to a big deal with cox for over $50 million guaranteed. fletcher says, quote, not at
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all. and fletcher tweeted out it is not true what reporters are reporting so i guess he's not close. hopefully it does get done. i'm john clark. we are right back.
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♪ bruce springsteen's concert this friday is sold out. but you can still get your hands on some tickets. philadelphia mayor kenney donated 18 seats far school district fund raising group. a ticket runs more than $550. the money supports public schools. if you're interested, we put a link to the tickets on the website at and the mobile app. >> just search boss? >> right. the boss. selling it out. very good. search snow. >> yeah. so the snow showers are coming
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to an end and we could have icy spots especially north and west tomorrow morning. lock at the weekend. below 0 windchills. cold for valentine's day. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- ryan reynolds, katie holmes, musical guest, thomas rhett,


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